Los Angeles based Mexican-American musician Gemma Castro brings her stunning fusion of R&B and electronica to the global stage.

Known for dreamy melodies, romantic Spanish lyrics and heartfelt vocals meshed with spacey synthesisers and lo-fi beats, Castro’s boundary-breaking instincts cement her spot as a breakthrough producer and unapologetic artist to watch.

Castro’s culturally nuanced artistry is a fully realized hybrid of her story as a Mexican American and as a composer who longed to discover her creative voice. She performed globally with the International Peace Choir as a teen, singing of peace and hope — meanwhile her Spanish ballad covers on YouTube got her noticed by local producers and artists, leading to a myriad of collaborations.

Castro later reclaimed her creative voice by producing in digital audio workstations and performing her own original songs locally. Her self-produced debut project ‘Gemma EP’ (2016) swiftly led to festival and gig bookings, along with her inclusion in new Latin music playlists and show bills.

Between commercial compositions and her work at Women’s Audio Mission (Oakland), Castro is carving out her dazzling vision for the future of music. Ever evolving as a producer and artist, she joins the legacy of emerging talent ready to create the new world she wants to exist in.

Stream Gemma Castro’s debut album, ‘Angeles y Demonios’, out now.